Slotomania Free Available Now

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Slotomania Free Available Now

Slotomania is a game on Facebook, which is currently free to play. It was only released last week but has already become one of the most popular games on Facebook with millions of fans already. A lot of users are also talking about how great the game is and how they are having so much fun playing it.

Like many Facebook slot games, slotomania is all about earning as much money as possible by winning the jackpots. You can only accumulate each bonus one time per day. They originate in Slotomania Free Coins official fan page, Notifications, emails & other social networking channels, you can even have collected them before. These bonuses usually require you to answer trivia questions or to play a slot machine. If you get a jackpot prize, you will automatically be sent to the next bonus without having to do anything.

As with all Facebook games, slotomania has another hidden object scene inside the game called the Farm Fortune. This scene allows players to plant crops in order to earn coins. These crops can be used to help create bridges, produce fruits for the market or for storage. However, once you have collected enough coins, you will be able to buy machines that can automatically generate more coins when you play them.

This is one of the many tricks that the makers of slotomania have implemented into the game in order to keep people playing for long periods of time and to keep the enthusiasm level high for these virtual slot machines. Basically, the trick revolves around a 10,000-coin bonus. Every time you win on one of the slot machines inside the Farm Fortune, you will be sent to the next level. The Farm Fortune offers a cumulative experience with every win, giving you even more chances to cash in even more coins and gain even more money. There is also a rankings system where your performance over time is rated according to how often you win, as well as the quality of bets you make.

Slotomania free is also offering a unique feature called the Best Payouts System. In the app, players have the chance to choose the highest payout machine that they think offers the best payouts and get paid from it in cash. All you have to do is place your wager and wait for the payouts to come out. You can earn up to 10k in just a week using this system, which makes it one of the best odds offered by slotomania. If you play regularly and maximize your earnings with the Best Payouts System, slotomania is sure to be a fun and lucrative app for you.

If you want to take advantage of all the features of slotomania, including the Best Payouts System, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try the free version first. The free version only allows players to play for two hours per day, but there are enough machines in the app to give you some excellent slot machine wins. slotomania will let you earn more coins with regular spins and also lets you buy coins in bulk for future use. Playing slot machines can actually be a very fun and addictive way to earn extra cash, so if you’re looking for a good way to farm fortune while playing on the go, then slotomania is a great choice.